Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Notification of cancellations must be forwarded to Royale Golfing Concierge via email as soon as possible to [email protected].

The initial deposit can be refunded to a maximum of 90% of the total cost of the trip, however, this is subject to our suppliers providing a refund to the Royale Golfing Concierge. No refund can be provided within 60 days of the departure date.


Tour Rates

Royale Golfing Concierge reserves the right to adjust our tour costs as necessary as currencies and activity prices can fluctuate.


Changes to your tour

Royale Golfing Concierge endeavours to perform all tours in line with the published itinerary but reserves the right to change or substitute where necessary. We will substitute an alternative activity as near to the planned activity in cases where the planned activity may be too dangerous or unenjoyable.

Should the client wish to alter the dates of the trip, Royale Golfing Concierge will do what we can do re-book and reduce costs with our suppliers. However, should there be any additional fees as a result of these changes, these costs will charged to the client.



Airlines have their own luggage restrictions. We will advise you of these but should the weight be exceeded additional fees may apply and are at the client’s expense.



Royale Golfing Concierge will not assume responsibility for any delay or damage to or loss of property or injury to or death of persons due to transportations (rental car, motor coach, railroad, air flight or any other conveyances), or due to suppliers (accommodation, golf courses, restaurants or extra activities) or due to any other external reasons (weather conditions etc).

Payment of the deposit means the client fully accepts these terms and conditions.


Travel Insurance

It is highly recommended that Royale Golfing Concierge’s clients obtain travel insurance. The travel insurance purchased should protect you against any medical expenses arising from sickness or injury as well as protection against any loss of or damage to your belongings during your trip. Royale Golfing Concierge can help arrange and provide advice for travel insurance for our clients.